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The magical natural flavours
at the Serenata Restaurant

The Aqua Pedra dos Bicos will also win you over with its cuisine. The colours and flavours at the Serenata Restaurant come from both land and sea. The result is a special menu featuring the Algarve’s Mediterranean cuisine and a few options from other countries too, all simply prepared with the freshest ingredients, typical of the Algarve’s gastronomic culture.

Did you know that the Mediterranean Diet is associated with a better quality of life? Combined with a healthy lifestyle that revolves around daily physical activity, conviviality, and the use of traditional and seasonal foods prepared using simple culinary methods, it is based on a philosophy of sustainability.

The diversity of fresh, local products allows us to prepare any dish simply at the Serenata Restaurant. We recommend that you complement your meal with an Algarve wine, produced here in the region.

Turn each dish into a unique experience and delight in the magical experience of natural flavours with a touch of the Algarve.