Best Price Guaranteed for Direct Bookings


Take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee quickly and easily if your room at one of our hotels is available to book on another website at a cheaper price than we are offering on our own official site. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Make your booking on and keep your booking confirmation;
  2. Fill in the form below and send it to us with a screenshot or image of the cheaper price that you found;
  3. Wait for our team to contact you with details of your new price and your new booking number.

See how it works below:

Let’s say you were booking a three-night stay at a Details Hotels & Resorts hotel for €280. As you were finalising your booking, you found the same hotel and room type for the same date and the same number of people for €210 on another site.

Take a screenshot of that offer, fill in the form on this page (taking the terms and conditions into account) and wait for us to contact you. We will let you know how much of a discount you will receive to match the lower rate that you found.

That will be the amount that you pay at the check-out of your booking.

Personal Details

Booking Details


To qualify for the Best Price Guarantee, your booking must be made on the Details Hotels & Resorts main website ( or on the website of the individual Group hotel, at the lowest rate for the dates chosen.

The cheaper price found on another website must be available to book and the conditions must be the same as those offered for the rate given on the applicable Details Hotels & Resorts or hotel website. The payment conditions must also be the same as those on The cheaper price must be for the same hotel and room type, the same dates, the same number of people and the same currency. The cancellation conditions must also be the same.

The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to erroneous or incorrect prices available on other websites or platforms. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to negotiated rates for businesses or partnerships, i.e. rates which are not public.

The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to prices shown on platforms or websites such as, and other equivalent operations and their subsidiaries, where the name of the hotel is not revealed until the booking has been finalised.

The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to vouchers or when the difference in the prices is less than one euro. The Best Price Guarantee only applies if you find the cheaper rate at the same time as you are making your booking direct with Details Hotels & Resorts. This is because prices can fluctuate within a very short space of time, due to supply and demand criteria.

The Best Price Guarantee form provided on this page must be filled in and submitted no later than 24 hours after confirming your booking on the or individual hotel website and no later than 24 hours before checking in at the hotel.

If it is confirmed that the price on the other website was indeed lower than the price booked on the or individual hotel website, your original booking will be discounted to match the price on the cheaper website.

The Best Price Guarantee policy may be amended or cancelled at any time and without notice.

Statement on Establishments Complying with Health Measures

The Hotel Aqua Pedra dos Bicos (RNET nº 142), Hotel Vale d’El Rei (RNET nº 1164), Hotel Califórnia (RNET nº 2961), Hotel Topázio Mar (RNET nº 3045), Hotel Velamar (RNET nº 749) and Hotel Vale da Lapa (RNET nº2983), from the Details Hotels & Resorts Group, have registered their declaration of compliance with the rules that define Establishments as complying with health measures.

This statement is valid until 30 de abril de 2021.

Statement on Establishments Complying with Health Measures

The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus causal agent of COVID-19 as an international public health emergency. To avoid risks and infections, ensuring the existence of an internal protocol that defines the necessary prevention, control and surveillance procedures, these establishments declare to comply with the requirements defined by Turismo de Portugal, according to the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health, which allow them to be considered as “HEALTHY & SAFE Establishment”.

We will provide the following training to all our employees:

All Employees received information and / or specific training on:
• Internal protocol relating to the COVID-19 outbreak
• How to comply with basic precautions to prevent and mitigate the spread the infection COVID-19, including the following procedures:
o Basic hand hygiene procedures: frequent hand washing with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitiser with at least 70% alcohol covering both hands and rubbing them together until they are dry
o Respiratory etiquette: cough or sneeze into your bended arm or use a paper handkerchief after which it should be immediately disposed of. Always wash your hands after coughing or sneezing and after blowing your nose. Also avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.
o Social contact procedures: maintain physical distance, avoid close contact between colleagues and clients, hand shaking, kissing, shared work places, face to face meetings and sharing food, cutlery, glasses and towels.
• How to comply with daily self-assessment aimed at measuring fever (measure your temperature twice daily and record the value and time) and check if you have a cough or breathing difficulties.
• How to follow the Direção Geral de Saúde (Directorate General for Health – DGS) guidelines for disinfecting surfaces and laundry in hotels and tourism accommodation.

We will provide the following information to all our clients
• How to comply with the basic precautions for the prevention and control of infection in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak
• Internal protocol related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have the following equipment
• Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in sufficient numbers, for all our employees
• PPE available to all our clients (maximum capacity of the establishment).
• Single use cleaning materials in stock proportional to our requirements, including disinfectant wipes, bleach and 70 alcohol.
• Alcohol based antiseptic or alcohol based solution dispensers, at each floor, near entrances/exits and at the entrance of the restaurants, bars and shared toilet facilities.
• Non-manual waste collection bin.
• A room to isolate people suspected or infected with the COVID-19 virus, preferably with natural ventilation or a mechanical ventilation system, with washable outer coverings, bathroom, stocked with cleaning materials, surgical masks and disposable gloves, thermometer, handsfree waste bin, bin bags, bags for used clothing, a supply of water and non-perishable food.
• Liquid soap and paper towels should be available in the toilets.

The establishment assures
• All surfaces where people, employees and clients have contact are washed and disinfected in accordance to our internal protocol, ensuring the control and prevention of infections and antimicrobial resistance.
• All surfaces and objects liable to be in touched are cleaned several times a day (including light and lift switches, door knobs, cupboard handles).
• Preference will be given to damp cleaning, as opposed to the use of a duster or vacuum cleaner
• Enclosed offices and spaces shall be aired regularly.
• The disinfection of the swimming pool, or other equipment in SPAs / wellness areas (where applicable) will continue as a standard procedure, water will be replaced and chlorination will continue as defined in our internal protocol.
• The disinfection of the jacuzzi (where applicable) is done regularly by replacing all the water followed by sterilisation with an adequate quantity of chlorine, in accordance with internal protocol.
• Where food is served an increase in the cleaning of utensils, equipment and surfaces and avoidance of direct handling of food by clients and employees will be implemented.

Our internal protocol for cleaning and sanitation assures
• The definition of specific care for changing bed linen and cleaning in the rooms, carried out in two stages with spaced intervals and with adequate protection according to the internal protocol.
• The removal of bed linen and towels is performed without shaking, rolling it from the outside in, avoiding contact with the body and taking it directly to the washing machine.
• The washing of bed linen/towels and employees uniforms will be done separately and at high temperatures (around 60C).

We will provide the following services
• There will always be an employee responsible for following the necessary procedures in the event of a suspected case (including escorting the person to the isolation area, providing the necessary assistance and asking them to contact DGS).
• In accordance with DGS recommendations the isolation area will always be decontaminated after a positive or suspected case of infection, in particular frequently touched surfaces.
• The storage of waste produced by those suspected of infection will be placed in plastic bags, sealed with ties and then be disposed by a licensed provider that deals with the management of hospital bio-hazardous materials.
• Daily self-assessment aimed at measuring fever (measuring temperature twice daily and recording the value and time) and check if your colleagues have a cough or breathing difficulties.

The submission of this Declaration is a commitment that all the above requirements will be complied with


What type of holidaymaker are you?

What type of
holidaymaker are you?

I always have to have my morning run

I never go anywhere without my family

I'm an incurable romantic

I want to try all the food

I never miss a good party


After making your New Year’s resolutions, there are important decisions to be taken…
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To help you choose, we want to know what type of holidaymaker you are.
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Choose where you want to stay:




Adults Only | Sea View | Modern Design |
Rooftop | Outdoor Swimming Pool |
Direct access to the beach – 500m





Adults Only | Outdoor Swimming Pool | D’Terrace Pool Bar | Rooftop | Vegan & Organic Spa |
Deli & Shop | 300m from the beach





Grab & Go Bar | Outdoor Swimming Pool |
Pool Bar | Massage Service |
500m from the beach

vale del rei




Day Spa | 3 Outdoor Swimming Pools | Pool Bar |
Outdoor Gym | Tennis Court |
Kids Club | Toddlers Kit





Breakfast Room with Sea View |
Lounge Bar | Outdoor Swimming Pool |
Meeting Room





– Campaign valid between 01.01.20 and 31.01.2020;

– Valid for stays between January and October 2020;

– Discounts of up to 40% and payment / cancellation terms in accordance with the rate presented;

– Campaign valid for direct bookings;

– Reservations subject to the availability of the selected unit;

– Campaign may be changed or cancelled without notice;

– Cannot be used in conjunction with other campaigns, vouchers or special offers, including the D’Guest discount.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

Black Friday 2019

This year we’ve taken traditional Black Friday, combined it with bold Cyber Monday and added incredible discounts of up to 50%, so you can book your next HOLIDAY IN THE ALGARVE FOR UP TO HALF PRICE.

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Choose your Hotel
aqua piscina




Rooms with a balcony, equipped with a digital TV, telephone, minibar, safe, hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Adults Only | Sea view | Modern Design | Rooftop | Outdoor Pool | Direct access to the beach – 500m





Rooms with a balcony, equipped with a digital TV, telephone, minibar, safe, hairdryer, Nespresso coffee machine, Rituals amenities, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Adults Only | Outdoor Pool | D’Terrace Pool Bar | Rooftop | Vegan, Organic Spa | Deli and Shop | 300m from the beach





Rooms with a balcony, equipped with a digital TV, telephone, minibar, safe, hairdryer, Nespresso coffee machine, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Studios are equipped with a kitchenette. Apartments and Bungalows are equipped with a kitchenette and have a living / dining room.

Grab & Go Bar | Outdoor pool | Pool Bar | Massage Service | 500m from the beach





Rooms with a balcony, equipped with a digital TV, telephone, minibar, safe, hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Suites have a living room. Villas have two bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room and garden terrace.

Day Spa | 3 Outdoor Pools | Pool bar | Outdoor Gym | Tennis court | Kids Club | Toddlers Kit

Pequeno-almoço Velamar




Rooms equipped with a digital TV, telephone, minibar, safe, hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Breakfast Room with Sea View
Lounge Bar | Outdoor Swimming Pool
Meeting Room

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy of our guests and employees is one of the main pillars of the Details Hotels & Resorts Privacy Policy. This privacy policy applies to the entire Details Hotels & Resorts Group.

Customers and job applicants should read this policy before submitting their personal data. “Personal data” means all information gathered and registered that enable a specific person to be identified (e.g. name, address, contact details, etc.).

Customers should ensure that children under the age of 18 do not submit personal data without their permission.

Under the scope of this policy, Details Hotels & Resorts undertakes to:

• Explain the purpose and means of processing of any personal data requested;

• Use personal data solely for the purposes stated in this policy;

• Request only the personal data necessary, taking the necessary steps to keep the data up-to-date;

• Keep your personal data only for the period of time necessary for processing pursuant to local legislation;

• Provide customers/job applicants with the means to access, change, correct or delete their personal data;

• Keep all personal data received confidential and protected except if required to reveal them by a court order.


This Details Hotels & Resorts Privacy Policy applies in the following cases:

1. All Details Hotels & Resorts sites.

2. Processing of data supplied to any of our hotels, restaurants or other points of sale.

1. Collection and Processing of Personal Data

As a Details Hotels & Resorts customer, your personal data and/or the personal data of your family members may be requested for different purposes, i.e.

1. Contact details: name, nationality, telephone number, e-mail address, physical address, etc.

2. Date of birth;

3. Credit card details;

4. Loyalty club membership number;

5. Arrival and departure dates at our hotels, restaurants and other points of sale;

6. Information about your children: name, age, data of birth, e-mail address;

7. Interests and preferences: for example, your preferred room location, smoking or non-smoking room, preferred room and or bed type, desired newspaper, etc.

8. Possible customer comments made during or after a stay at a Details Hotels & Resorts property.

If you are applying for a job or a work placement at Details Hotels & Resorts, you may be asked to provide the following personal data:

1. Contact details: name, nationality, telephone number, e-mail address, physical address, etc.

2. Date of birth;

3. Interests and reason for applying;

4. Training, education and professional experience.

We will not ask you to provide sensitive information such as: religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, or information about your health, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation or union membership.

You may be asked to provide personal data in different circumstances, including (but not limited to) the following:

1. Participation in advertising programmes (subscribing to newsletters to receive offers/promotions, registering for loyalty programmes, responding to surveys and/or customer comments, and competitions);

2. Activities at the hotel (e.g. booking rooms or tables, check-in and check-out, complaints and requests);

3. Supply of information about tour operators, travel agencies or online booking systems;

4. Internet activities (connection to the Details Hotels & Resorts website; filling in of forms to request data online – for example, online bookings, questionnaires, etc.);

5. Job or work placement applications.

2. Reasons for requesting your personal data.

Personal data are requested for the following purposes:

1. Management of customers’ bookings and stays;

2. Improvement of the services provided in our hotels, restaurants and other points of sale, in order to better understand our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

3. Personalisation of our services;

4. Sending of newsletters, promotions and advertising materials. Customers may cancel their subscription to our e-mail newsletter service by clicking on the link in the newsletter sent to them by e-mail.

5. Contracting of staff for Details Hotels & Resorts.

3. Sharing of Personal Data

Details Hotels & Resorts may share customers’/applicants’ personal data with:

1. Employees of Details Hotels & Resorts, specifically so that they can provide the services requested and/or manage the customer/applicant databases (officially authorised by the relevant Data Protection Regulating Entity);

2. Local authorities – if required to do so by local legislation or in the scope of Details Hotels & Resorts internal inspections, pursuant to legal requirements.

DETAILS HOTELS & RESORTS also reserves the right to pass on any personal data in the event of the whole or partial sale or transfer of the company or its respective assets.

In the event of personal data being passed on to third parties, the applicable obligations under law will be strictly abided by and every effort will be made to ensure that said third parties use the personal data appropriately, in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

4. Accessing, Changing and Deleting Personal Data

Customers/applicants may access, correct, add, update or delete their personal data by sending an e-mail to Details Hotels & Resorts at Such requests will be dealt with as quickly as possible. Details Hotels & Resorts may request a copy of a valid identity document in order to the protect customers’ privacy and confirm their identity before making any changes.

5. Keeping your Personal Data Safe

Details Hotels & Resorts has implemented the technical and organisational measures necessary, as required by law, with the aim of protecting the personal data of customers and job applicants, ensuring confidentiality in accordance with the rules set out in this policy.

Whenever credit card information is requested, this communication is made using Details Hotels & Resorts’ SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) facility, as long as you are using an SSL-enabled browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

6. Revisions

This privacy policy may be changed from time to time, so we recommend checking it regularly.

7. Contacts / Questions

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please send an e-mail to Details Hotels & Resorts at


Details Hotels & Resorts uses cookies on its website to improve its functioning and provide users with the best possible experience.

The purpose of this information is to answer questions that users may have regarding the use of cookies on the Details Hotels & Resorts Group website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed in the user’s device (computer, mobile phone or tablet) when they visit the Details Hotels & Resorts website on a browser. Cookies let the site recognise the user’s device.

What do cookies do and why does Details Hotels & Resorts use them on its site?

Details Hotels & Resorts uses cookies to understand the importance, usefulness, interest, volume and frequency of visits to its online content and to determine the best way of presenting information that is genuinely relevant for users. Cookies help Details Hotels & Resorts understand how a customer reached the website (Internet search, recommendation from another site, advertisement, etc.) and how the customer browses the site’s different pages. Cookies also let us know your browsing preferences, such as the language you prefer to use. However, they do not gather personal information of any kind, nor any other information that would enable users to be personally identified.

Are all cookies the same?

No. There are different types of cookies which are used depending in the type of information to be gathered and analysed, and the length of time they remain installed on the user’s device.

Which type of cookies does the Details Hotels & Resorts website use?

The cookies used by the Details Hotels & Resorts websites have different functions. On the one hand, the site uses cookies that analyse the way in which users browse the site and how they find us. These cookies let us study the website’s analytical data and improve content and users’ browsing experiences. Additionally, the site uses cookies that record some of the users’ preferences, such as their preferred language or the credentials for access to reserved areas.

How long will the cookies remain in the user’s device?

Details Resorts & Hotels uses cookies with different life spans: some will remain permanently on your computer, mobile phone or tablet, while others are temporary. The site uses permanent cookies so that it can recognise return visits by existing users. This helps Details Hotels & Resorts to understand what new content drew the attention of each particular user. This information is analysed, generally in order to improve the content and the services provided. The site also uses temporary cookies that only remain active while the user is actually on the website.

Can users block cookies?

Sim. Todos os navegadores permitem que os utilizadores configurem o acesso de cookies ou os bloqueiem. Para mais informações sobre como bloquear cookies, consulte a secção de ajuda do seu navegador.

Where can I learn more about cookies?

For more information about cookies, visit the website (available in English, French and Spanish).



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Vale d’El Rei is set on a hill in the western Algarve, three kilometres south of the city of Lagoa and close to the pretty resort of Carvoeiro, on the way to Marinha Beach. Surrounded by vineyards and hills and in close proximity to beaches that have been carved out of the cliff by the waves, this is a place which is far from the hustle and bustle yet is still conveniently close to everything.

Apart from its prime location, the property is a harmonious combination of a hotel with charming interior design and villas built in the Algarve’s traditional architectural style. Surrounded by stunning natural scenery, the leisure areas invite you to relax and enjoy the pure, fresh air and the sunny days so typical of the Algarve.

Appreciated for its green spaces, Vale d’El Rei offers an extensive outdoor area featuring a Mediterranean-style garden that is perfect as a venue for a dream event… Like your wedding day!

Tell usyour dream…And we will take careof every tiny detail!
Discover ourspecial weddingpackages.
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