The 1980s-era Hotel Califórnia has been acquired by the Algarve-based group Details Hotels & Resorts who plans to bring the hotel to a four-star level, the first in the Albufeira old town that will be open all year round and fight the effects of seasonality in the popular seaside town.

The construction works undertaken on the Hotel Califórnia, in the old town of Albufeira, draw the attention of locals and visitors who have witnessed here the restoration of one of the buildings considered as an iconic building of its time.

According to João Costa, CEO of the group Details Hotels & Resorts, the reconstruction project that started in September 2018 aimed to recover the exterior façade of the building that was much damaged, construct new guest and operational areas, adding more rooms and the total reconstruction of the existing bedrooms.

In terms of the renovation works, these also contribute to a major improvement to this 80-era hotel where the highlights go to the new concept of the hotel, the use of quality materials to raise the level of comfort, a brand new decoration of all areas, the replacement of lifts and all hotel equipments, and what is expected to be the star of the hotel, a rooftop pool & bar boasting views of the main square and sea. All the hotel’s facilities will be open to both hotel and outside guests. “Albufeira needs to become a year-round destination,” said João Costa.

The brigades have now begun the renovation of the existing areas of the hotel and the construction of new areas, such as:
– the construction of 7 new rooms, thus adding 14 hosting high comfort capabilities and bringing the hotel to a total of 80 rooms;

– the construction of a brand new Spa on the 2nd floor, which will portray a very original organic & vegan SPA concept;

– the construction of a heated indoor pool;

– the construction of a new structure to accommodate and support the placement of an iron structure to create a new area of sun deck to the hotel guests;

– the construction of open sky gym on the 7th floor;

– the construction of a new reception area with a bar, a lounge area and and interior garden on the 8th floor;

– the construction of two brand new kitchens on floors 1 and 6;

– the development and construction of a new concept area that will accommodate a Cocktail Bar, a Deli (Food & Drinks) and a Merchandising Shop at the street level that are open to both hotel and outside guests.

The major works are undergoing since September 2018 with the hotel closed to the public, but a soft opening is foreseen for June 2019 and until the end of the year some basic works will continue to be carried out but always ensuring minimal disruption to guests.

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