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Birdwatching in the Algarve

If you are a true bird-lover, the Algarve has to be on your must-do list! This is the region of Portugal with the greatest variety of bird species; some 390 different species can be found here at some point or other during the year.

A 30-minute drive from the Velamar brings you to Lagoa dos Salgados (Salgados Lake), an ecosystem rich in fauna and flora and which shelters a large and varied number of bird and plant species. It should not be missed.
There are also two protected national parks: the Ria Formosa and the Costa Vicentina. These are characterised by their year-round mild climate due to the confluence of three completely distinct bio-regions (North Africa, the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic), among other factors.

Choose the Velamar as your holiday home and enjoy stunning site where you can watch a variety of unique birdlife.